Compliance Management Services

We provide a qualified Licensed Operator who will perform inspections of the system and appurtenances in accordance with the schedule specified by the NJDEP and complete a site visit report which will be submitted to McGowan LLC, leaving a copy for the client.
  • Our Licensed Operator will sign and submit monthly T-Reports (form BSDW-040) to the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water compiled by on-site personnel (T-systems only). Operator will train onsite personnel to compile appropriate data, if necessary.
  • We will perform a file review to determine compliance history and establish a future testing schedule.
  • We will order all required laboratory testing on a quarterly basis and evaluate results (duplicate test results are kept in our office).
  • We will supervise your laboratory to ensure that only the required testing is performed and that the proper forms are forwarded to the State Agencies in a timely manner.
  • In the event of a water quality violation, we will manage all notifications, follow up procedures and provide public notices.
  • We will apply for all available waivers and testing reductions.
  • We will complete DEP questionnaires and applications, if appropriate.
  • We will prepare Operations & Maintenance Manual and Emergency Response List.
  • We will notify the Client of all new regulations to enable them to comply with same.
  • We will review all DEP correspondence and submit appropriate responses on behalf of our clients.
  • We will advocate with the DEP and County Environmental Health Agencies (CEHA) on the Client’s behalf (appearances at hearings are charged separately).
  • We will prepare treatment recommendations for the DEP, when necessary.
  • We will coordinate work done for the Client by laboratories, well companies, water treatment companies and other water related service companies.
  • We will prepare annual Consumer Confidence or Water Quality Reports, if required.
  • We will apply for Spillfund compensation on your behalf if you qualify.
  • We provide a single source reference for all your well-water issues.
  • For new systems applying for a PWSID number, we assist in preparing the technical, managerial and financial evaluation required to commence business operations.