What our clients tell us:
  • They enjoy peace of mind because they have more time to concentrate on their core business.
  • We are valuable as a single source reference for all their well-water issues and can advise them regarding all aspects of their water system, including their well, their water treatment and their regulatory requirements.
  • We save them money because are our rates are the most competitive in the industry.
  • They are impressed that we agree in writing to pay any fines for violations incurred due to our error.
  • They feel more comfortable because we are not part of any laboratory and therefore we avoid any conflict of interest and ensure that there is no over-testing.
  • We can review quotes that they receive from treatment venders to ensure that they receive fair pricing.
  • They appreciate the fact that our good relationships ensure immediate access to county and state regulators and inspectors.
  • They appreciate the fact that we specialize in potable water system management and are not a wastewater treatment company or laboratory offering potable water licensed operator services as a side business.

Please contact us for a list of references.