Licensed Operator Services

McGowan LLC was formed in 2000 to help small community and non-community public water system owners meet the high standards imposed by the NJDEP’s new “zero tolerance” policy. We offered cost effective professional help which guaranteed that system owners would supply safe drinking water to their populations while avoiding violations and penalties. In 2003, we began supplying licensed operators to our system owners to meet new DEP regulatory requirements. Today, McGowan LLC is the State’s leader supplying licensed operators to over 400 very small community and non-community water systems.

For the most part, those responsible for operating public non-community and very small community water systems are small business owners, school and child care administrators, home owner association board members and untrained maintenance personnel who have little or no well water management experience.

In some instances, where the system does not already have its own licensed operator, we limit our role to compliance management. This option offers the system owner a cost effective method of eliminating the administrative burden on their in-house licensed operator while ensuring that the system does not violate any requlatory requirements.

Over the course of our business history, we have achieved our goal of providing these system owners/managers with cost-effective professional help and have an unblemished record of keeping our systems in compliance while avoiding any fines or penalties.