Private Well Testing

McGowan LLC has been involved with the Private Well Testing Act since its inception. John McGowan has given numerous seminars to real estate agents and attorneys regarding the application of the law and its impact.

McGowan LLC uses its unique capabilities which include both well water compliance management experience and water treatment expertise combined with a knowledge of and influence with most of the certified water laboratories to provide a "Turn-Key" solution to the Private Well Testing Act that is both comprehensive and cost effective.

Certified laboratories only collect the samples and analyze them. They do not have the experience to recommend appropriate action in the event that the water exceeds State standards for a particular contaminant. For the price of the analysis alone, McGowan LLC arranges for your sample pickup and analysis, evaluates your results, provides expert advice regarding remediation and, if needed, will arrange for treatment installation with a price assurance guarantee. Once the problem is resolved, McGowan LLC will issue a Water Quality Certificate of Compliance to show your perspective buyers or take to your closing.