New Jersey Spillfund Program

John McGowan has been connected with the New Jersey Spillfund Program for over fifteen years. During that period, he has managed over 1,000 Spillfund sites including many of the State’s worst contamination sites. He has long term relationships with the adjusters at the Environmental Claims Administration (ECA) and an intimate knowledge of the rules and procedures for applying for Spillfund compensation.

Some important points are:
  • The seller of a home or business who discovers that his well is contaminated through the results of the PWTA Act must submit the Spillfund Application before the home/business is transferred in order for the new owner to be eligible for Spillfund benefits.
  • Buyers of property that are already covered under the Spillfund have only one year to re-apply for the benefits before their eligibility expires.
  • It is the responsibility of the property seller, his real estate agent and his attorney to disclose to the buyer the fact that treatment equipment on site is installed under the auspices of the New Jersey Spillfund Program.
  • McGowan LLC is a DEP vender and accepts third-party payee status so that the property owner is never out-of-pocket for the cost of treatment equipment, water quality monitoring or the servicing of equipment.
  • The New Jersey Spillfund is a unique program that provides full financial compensation to homeowners and business owners who have wells that are contaminated with volatile organic chemicals or mercury. For a full explanation regarding the financial assistance provided by the ECA, please review the following website: